October 2019
New and Expanded Capabilities for OceanFinder
Airbus has released the latest version of OceanFinder, its digital maritime service to detect, identify and track collaborative and non-collaborative vessels around the globe. It will help you support a broad range of critical applications across defence and security, shipping, oil and gas, and insurance markets. 

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Airbus Extends the WorldDEM Product Family

The WorldDEM product family, consisting of DSM, DTM and derivative products, is now extended with the WorldDEM Hydro Layer and WorldDEM DTMlite, both derived from the gobal WorldDEM dataset.
WorldDEM Hydro Layer  
WorldDEM DTMlite  
Real-Time ISR as Key Element for Effective Decision-Making

Military surveillance systems are collecting data 24/7 from sensors on land, air and sea. How do you turn the data collected in real-time into information superiority? Fortion® SuRVIn may be the answer. 
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OneAtlas Basemap Special Offer - 20% Off List Price

OneAtlas Basemap is now 20% off until the end of the year! Select the globe, or choose your own AOI and get imagery delivered via digital copy or physical delivery.
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3D Holographic Map for Remote Tactical Planning

Holographic Tactical Sandbox is the new generation of operation planning tools. With an interactive 3D holographic map for an improved perception of the battlefield and remote tactical planning, shortens the observation and decision-making loop.
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Discover Earth Monitor

Discover Earth Monitor! A powerful analytics service to detect changes and economic activities over your AOIs, co-developed with Orbital Insight and powered by OneAtlas.
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Detecting Illegal Homes in Downstream Dam Areas with Earth Monitor

Earth Monitor detects new structures so that authorities can determine if they have been built illegally in danger zones near dam sites so occupants can be relocated. 
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Breaking Language Barriers during Army Deployments with Bespoke Systems

Airbus Defence and Space has developed two bespoke systems in response to language-related needs to enable operators to interact with their environment as soon as possible.
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Sample data
Pléiades can capture images of the same area from different angles (tri-stereo) in one pass. Tri-stereo images are used to create 3D surface models of a region.
Discover OceanFinder's new release functionalities and how they can better benefit your applications and improve safety of your assets at sea. Watch the webinar!
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