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November 2018
OceanFinder: Locate, Identify and Track Ocean Assets
Improving safety of assets at sea with the help of Airbus’ new self-ordering service. OceanFinder provides freshly acquired imagery combined with additional information sources including AIS to deliver object- or area-centric detection and identification.

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Access the Global WorldDEM™ Now Via Streaming
You can now access the entire edited WorldDEM™ database, together with the already available WorldDEM4Ortho dataset via streaming. Enjoy big discounts now on your WorldDEM orders placed until the end of 2018!
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Simplify and Process Military Procedures Quickly and Efficiently
Airbus’ SoldierC2 provides a unique digital solution for the dismounted soldier, making processes of command easier by integrating new AndroidTM app features and improving the overall conduct of missions.
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Farmstar Launches the
Corn Service
Discover remarkable opportunities to benefit from the many advantages of precision agriculture with Farmstar’s new crop service.
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Speed Dating with Airbus
With all the data available out there, it’s hard to find the best match for your needs. Join Airbus for a 20 minute speed dating webinar to help you choose the best imagery option for you.
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Our Products in Action
Early Drought and Disease Detection in Eucalyptus Clones at Scale

Planted Eucalyptus forests are increasingly threatened by changing climate. There is a need for an early warning system capable of monitoring large forest areas. Radar and optical imagery was successfully used to track leaf loss patterns.
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Sample data
Airbus is using Google Cloud Platform to build a scalable, online platform, enabling customers to access petabytes of satellite imagery in real time.
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