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  May 2018
Geospatial Intelligence Centre
Geospatial Intelligence Centres: A Modular Solution that Grows With Your Needs
Defence and security decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence. Ultimately, a mature and customised Geospatial Intelligence Centre provides you with full capability and infrastructure to securely and effectively coordinate large-scale and complex defence missions with a large number of operators.

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Scouting For Your Solutions

Develop your innovative Earth observation solution with Airbus datasets and submit it to the Airbus Multi-Data Challenge of the Copernicus Masters. Win a EUR 100,000 satellite data voucher! Registration is now open!
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Automated Aerial Delivery of Parcels Via Drones

Skyways is an automated package last mile delivery system, combining unmanned drones and Air Traffic Management software. Airbus has partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to provide forces with supplies in urban environments.
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Our Products in Action
Damage Assessment in an Emergency Situation

Whenever a natural disaster hit a certain territory critical information over the affected area is urgently required in order to help first responders plan emergency response efforts on the ground. See what Pléiades has done in the case of the French territory of New Caledonia.
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The TripleSat high-resolution imagery is now available to all users since 10th April.
Learn how Airbus and Simplot work together in the Ag market as well as on Airbus’ upcoming FieldMaps service. Watch the webinar “Supporting the Growth of Your Crops from Space”.
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