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May 2020
Imagine360 Newsletter Defence
An Ocean of Possibilities

Welcome to the latest edition of Imagine 360. In this issue we look at our expanding maritime capabilities, discussing our latest technical developments and the key partnerships that are helping us provide unprecedented levels of detail and accuracy in this critical domain.

Airbus’ commitment to supporting inter-agency cooperation is demonstrated in our article on the SAFEcommand Discovery tool, which empowers multiple agencies to share information securely through an intuitive interface. We also announce our partnership with Geo4I, an expert in geo intelligence. As a result of this new relationship, Airbus’ RECCE Engine® – a semi-automatic recognition tool – has been enriched with new defence equipment databases created by Geo4I.
The final feature provides a brief history of rocket artillery and looks to the future, touching on the multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) of tomorrow. We also present two recent case studies. The first discusses the integrated suite of tools that Airbus has developed to support the intelligence cycle and manage requests in a joint and multinational context. The second case study highlights how Airbus is working with Hawkeye 360, the world’s leading radio frequency (RF) data analytics company, to support security operations around the world.

Real-time Inter-Agency Data Sharing: A Common Operating Picture for Emergency Services

Airbus’ SAFEcommand Discovery tool is specific designed to aid collaboration and intelligence sharing, enabling multiple agencies to securely share data and provide access to selected information – whilst still retaining control of exactly who sees what.
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Partnership Agreement with Geo4I for Image Intelligence

Airbus and Geo4I, an expert in geo-intelligence, have combined their expertise to enhance the Airbus RECCE Engine® – a semi-automatic recognition tool that has been enriched with new defence equipment databases created by Geo4I.
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Artillery: Some History and the Role of Airbus

Airbus EFCS is the Fire Control System that provides the MLRS with the ability to launch various types of ammunition (ground to ground) with a range of up to 80 km with a very high precision.
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Our Products in Action
At the Heart of Intelligence-Led Operations

Airbus’ solution supports the national defence intelligence community through the provision of tools, functions and capabilities for intelligence-led operations, at tactical and strategic levels.
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Signal Activity Identification over Iran

Airbus is playing an important role within military communication and signal identification, and offers value to military forces thanks to collaboration with commercial operators, such as Hawkeye 360.
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Sample data
In January this year, Airbus delivered first equipment to the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Programme in Sigonella, Italy. The Mobile General Ground Station (MGGS) offers persistent surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance over wide areas.
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