May 2019
Technology First

In this edition of Imagine 360, we discuss the developments that Airbus is bringing to market and how we continue to help our customers effectively manage new and existing challenges.

We announce our latest collaboration with the French Armed Forces, highlighting the recent conference that brought together a range of defence-related entities to discuss our SI Geode 4D information system. We examine IMINT, the practice of using satellite imagery as an intelligence source, and how our OneAtlas platform is driving interest in the new opportunities offered through this powerful online tool.

We also present two recent case studies, explaining how Airbus is making communication easier with automatic translation tools, and how we are supporting the fight against drug trafficking.

Finally, we celebrate 25 years of the Eagle Vision program, which supports the U.S. Air Force and National Guard through the processing and distribution of satellite imagery in near real-time.

Celebrating 25 years of the Eagle Vision Program

Airbus Defence and Space recently celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Eagle Vision – its lightweight, field-deployable imagery downlink ground stations. Eagle Vision was designed to rapidly process and distribute satellite imagery in near real-time and, for two and half decades, it has assisted the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard, supporting homeland security, combat mission preparation and disaster

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Airbus Collaborates with French Armed Forces for SI Geode 4D Information System

Accessed through a secure, single-access portal, the SI GEODE 4D multi-layer digital map provides the armed forces with a coherent and shared vision of the geophysical environment, consistent with the NATO REP concept.
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Imagery Intelligence as a Service

Imagery intelligence, or IMINT are many fold, including being able to operate at distance, removed from physical boundaries, and capable of providing daily revisits of any point on Earth, making it critical for a wide range of military decision-making.
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Our Products in Action
Breaking Language Barriers

Airbus Defence and Space has developed two bespoke systems in response to language-related needs to enable operators to interact with their environment as soon as possible.
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Helping to Tackle Speeding Traffickers

Airbus Defence and Space was recently asked to support authorities in the Caribbean with their enforcement challenge presented by traffickers using ‘Go-Fast Boats’.
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70-80% of cocaine consumed worldwide is trafficked at some point by sea (UNODC)
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