Verification of Zero Deforestation Commitments with Unprecedented Accuracy

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Airbus Defence and Space, The Forest Trust (TFT) and SarVision have jointly developed a service enabling companies to provide evidence of how they are implementing their No Deforestation commitments. This service called Starling uses a combination of high-resolution optical satellite and radar imagery to provide unbiased monitoring of forest cover change. It will be the first time a technology of this kind will be made available to companies, from producers to global brands, to help them make the right decisions and meet the promises set out in their forest conservation policies.

Impartial and Detailed Assessment

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Until now, brands and producers could only rely on auditing houses to verify Zero Deforestation commitments. However, auditors can’t get the overall view of the situation: they can’t access all forest areas, and are only spending a limited number of days in the field.

Imagery from space offers a powerful alternative, bringing extensive, impartial and cost-effective information in real time, including the ability to easily differentiate replanting from deforestation. It allows companies to manage their operations, make fully informed decisions and demonstrate to buyers and consumers that they are true to their commitment.

Starling will be available to the market starting January 2017.  In the meantime the service is being piloted with early adopters. Ferrero and Nestlé will be piloting Starling to verify the responsible sourcing commitments they made for their supply chains.

Combined Expertise for Unrivalled Accuracy

Airbus Defence and Space is responsible for activating its satellites, pre-processing the imagery and distributing the service worldwide. TFT’s experience in land use planning and forestry and SarVision’s expertise in radar imagery analysis complement the design of the solution. Complex, expert satellite data is turned into information that can be directly used and understood by agro-industries.

Verification of Zero Deforestation Commitments with Unprecedented Accuracy