Visual Resource Tracking System

Many police, fire & rescue, security and transportation operations require the management of multiple resources which could be located in different places across a broad geographical area. Therefore being able to see the accurate location of all resources and the ability to view all movements in real-time, is vital to a successful operation - a picture says much more than just words. VTracker™ delivers this capability in real-time. 

Real time GPS tracking for resources, personnel & vehicles

VTracker enables all mobile resources, personnel and vehicles, to be tracked via GPS and locations viewed in real-time on aerial photography or maps. The controller can assign to each resource and device a unique name or call sign, so all resources are easily recognised on screen via the displayed icon. To support an operation, the controller can then identify and call the most appropriate resources, position them in the correct locations with visual confirmation, monitor their movements - arrival times can be confirmed visually.

Target devices can also be tracked and their locations shown on the same screen together with all other mobile resources, so a full picture is delivered to the operation’s controller.

Due to the many different situations and operations being managed today, VTracker has been designed to be flexible. It can be operated across a secure network or stand-alone from either a vehicle or fixed office location. Also there is an extensive administration system which allows the user to configure functions. All helping operations management.

For personnel safety VTracker offers an ‘emergency alert’ function, so helping organisations to ensure they fulfill their duty of care for personnel, particularly in lone worker scenarios. Once an emergency button is activated an alert is immediately visible to the controller on screen. The call sign, location and the direction of heading for that resource are all displayed. The alert remains on screen until an action is taken by the controller. All actions are recorded, so supporting personnel safety and providing assurance for both employers and employees alike.




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