Collaborative emergency planning and response solution

STEPS (STrategic Emergency Preparedness System) has been developed in the light of increasing natural disasters such as flooding in the UK and the ongoing threat of terrorist activity. Emergency responders need to be prepared to manage the aftermath of such events and experience has shown that a key requirement is to be able to share and communicate efficiently their plans to coordinate with others responders in the emergency phase. 

STEPS (STrategic Emergency Preparedness System)

STEPS is a stand-alone application consisting of easy-to-use tools that enable emergency responders to create, store and share plans that deal with various levels of dynamic emergencies. With STEPS organisations can plan, manage and control pre-planned events or to take control of unexpected events as they happen. These plans created and stored within STEPS provide valuable and easily accessible information in support of response to incidents.

Key Benefits

STEPS provides an efficient and flexible way of creating emergency plans and utilising them in challenging and pressurised environments.

Improved speed, accuracy and consistency of delivered information and efficient coordination with other responders enable you to manage efficiently an ever increasing range of incidents types.

  • Supports the requirement for information sharing within the Civil Contingencies Act
  • Improves speed, accuracy and consistency of information delivery
  • Dynamic recording of incident details as they develop allows plans to quickly evolve and adapt to unforeseen variables
  • Reduced workload for pressurised operational staff
  • Supports continual improvement of emergency responses via audit trail and playback facility

Key Functionalities

  • Create, store and execute pre-prepared plans for known events and risks
  • Develop and record dynamic responses to unexpected incidents
  • Easily create and store plans, simply draw on the on-screen map or drag icons to where you want them
  • Place cordons, measure distances, view points of interest, add information about objects with ease, leaving you free to get on with managing the response