Supporting Land Administration using Premium Geospatial Data derived from OneAtlas Data

Managing map layers from high-resolution satellite imagery is challenging. Traditionally, creating land use mapping layers is resource-intensive to create, manage, and update as cities grow.

Utilizing proprietary technology, Airbus offers high-accuracy map extraction with outputs such as land use, building footprints, and road vector data. This technology offers the ability to build countrywide datasets to power critical decision making enabling a foundation of knowledge that promotes transparency, accountability, and sustained revenue.

Solution Description

High-accuracy extraction of 10+ class land use solution, including building footprints and roads

  • High Accuracy: best-in-class accuracy for any location intelligence or GIS application using advanced machine learning technology
  • Freshness of Data:  Using accurate and fresh imagery from the Living Library enables users to have clearer picture of ground truth.

Fast Delivery, cost-effective solution, at Scale: scale quickly across the globe to meet your needs in a fraction of the time and cost.


Illustration 1 - Premium Geospatial Data derived from OneAtlas Data case study

Other Supplier

Illustration 2 - Premium Geospatial Data derived from OneAtlas Data case study

Other supplier may miss new construction due to the age of Imagery

  • Flood Modelling, Mapping & Risk Assessment
    Leverage the vector data to better model and map flood-prone areas which will help to optimize flood mitigation practices.
  • Stormwater Drainage Assessment & Property Taxation
    Better understand the deterioration of stormwater management assets and tax citizens proportionate to the amount of impervious surface area on their property.
  • Smart Cities
    Better understand current land use across your region to determine what areas would benefit most from smart city infrastructure.
  • Road & Transportation
    Gain insight into your region’s road and transportation networks so you can allocate assets and resources more efficiently.


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