Agriculture Satellite Monitoring Services

Satellite imagery and crop analytics to meet Precision Agriculture requirement

For over 30 years Airbus has shaped how satellite imagery is used for agricultural applications and everyday, tens of thousands of farmers rely on its solutions to better manage their farming activities. Our monitoring services support you in the development of productive and sustainable agricultural practices.

Discover the technology within our agricultural services: Biophysical Parameters

Verde - First-Class Crop Analytics for Next Level Precision Farming

Understanding and monitoring crop growth within fields is essential for all stakeholders in agriculture. Thanks to an unrivalled processing suite, we provide industry-leading maps characterising vegetation using a vast range of satellite and UAV imagery.

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Verde key features:

  • Data from different image sources, derived from SPOT, Sentinel 2, Landsat 8 and coming soon, Pléiades and drones
  • Served as an API, plug and play to any precision agriculture portal

Your advantages with Verde:

Available Globally - Icon
100% usable : calculate the biomass and nitrogen uptake
User friendliness - Icon
100% carefree: consistent whatever the sensor, dependable cloud masking
Environmental applications - Icon
100% operational: easy to convert into practical farming recommendations
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AgNeo - Agriculture Imagery Solutions from a Name you Trust

AgNeo is Airbus’s new integrated solution for precision agriculture, offering best-in-class services from Airbus for deriving in-season actionable information utilising satellite imagery. From timely directed scouting alerts to advanced biophysical parameters, Airbus has the reliable crop imaging solutions you need.

Precicsion Farming - AgNeo

AgNeo key features:

  • Access functionality sets via our user-friendly interface or integrate into your existing solutions via API.

Your advantages with AgNeo:

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Optimise your crop consultant’s time through automated email alerts

Environmental applications - Icon

Increase yield, improve quality, and maximize inputs using enhanced, plant level analytics for high value permanent crops

Effective & Fast - Icon

Replace time consuming and error prone manual stand counts for orchards and vineyards

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Speed your time to market and offer a more reliable product by utilizing our biophysical parameters for new ag product development

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Farmstar - Supporting Your Daily Farming Decision Making

For more than 15 years, Farmstar has supported French farmers looking to optimise their yield, improving their harvest quality, rationalising fertiliser input and safeguarding the environment. It mixes satellite and unmanned aerial platform (UAV) imagery with strong agronomic expertise. 

From seeding to harvest, Farmstar provides comprehensive advice for wheat, barley, triticale and rapeseed, at intra-field scale and perfectly timed with the crop cycle.

Farmstar is a service co-developed by Airbus Defence and Space and Arvalis-Institut du Végétal (French Technical Institute for Cereals) with the support of Terre-Inovia (French Technical Institute for Rapeseed Crop).

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Farmstar key features:

  • Consistent Guidance: Regular crop monitoring and farming advice
  • Adaptable: Compatible with almost any equipment for variable rate application of inputs within the field
  • Compatibility with Basic Systems: Available in a simplified format to support manual spraying (for tractors without variable rate application devices)
  • User-Friendly Portal: Available on computer, smartphone and tablets

Your advantages with Farmstar:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Increases yield, improves harvest quality

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Supports farming regulation compliance

Cost efficient - Icon

Reduces costs and simplifies field work

Environmental applications - Icon

Minimises farming impact on environment

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Starling - For Organisations Committed to No Deforestation

Many companies producing, transforming or consuming agricultural commodities are making efforts to reduce their footprint in terms of deforestation. The challenge they face is to independently verify the results of their efforts.

Conventional certification is limited: the standards do not always match the challenges of the sector and the usual methods of expertise, based on field inspection, provide neither the completeness nor the responsiveness required.

Together with Earthworm (ex TFT) and SarVision,we developed the Starling service that uses high resolution optical and radar satellite imagery to provide unbiased monitoring of forest cover change. Starling aims at supporting companies to meet the promises set out in their forest conservation policies.

“Starling will help us to do better by co-working with our supplier”
Pierre-Alexandre Teulié, Nestlé Head of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, e-Business and CSR

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Starling key features:

Starling is a monitoring package over commodity production landscapes, including:

  • Base Map: The reference layer locating forest classes
  • Monitoring Reports: Updates featuring evolution of the forest cover overtime
  • Summary Dashboard: Regular overview of all areas monitored by a given customer
  • Available Globally



Your advantages with Starling:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Verify commitment and support decision-making for commodity sourcing and determine how/where to engage

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Achieve transparency goals towards NGOs, civil society, governmental bodies and independently mitigate reputational risk

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Differentiate from competition for preferential treatment on the market

Improved cooperation - Icon

Engage third parties and stakeholders to transform the industry across all areas of the value chain

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Grassland Production Index - Continuous monitoring of grass growth

The Grassland Production Index is a service allowing insurers to cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield. It features a reliable and continuous estimation of grass growth over the entire French territory. Month after month, the indicator is compared to the historical average, the max and min record years in grassland production, at a local (yet not individual) scale.

When the index drops below an agreed threshold, the insurers compensate all insured breeders within the impacted local province within the conditions defined in their respective contracts- without any paperwork or on-site expert inspection.

GPI is currently the sole index validated by the French government and French Agricultural Insurance Scheme, after a complete, detailed ground-based validation campaign (grass cut and weight). It has also been approved by the breeders unions and today, remains the sole index that is subsidised by the European Union.

"From mid-July, my province was affected by drought. I used my forage stocks but they weren’t enough. At the end of 2016, the insurance index indicated a production deviation of 35%. My insurance company then paid me compensation of € 9,120 to buy the fodder required for my stock" Mr. Martinet, beef farmer (Haute Vienne, France)

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Grassland Production Index key features:

  • Consistent Evaluation: Continuous grass growth assessment every 10 days
  • Local (but not individual) Analytics:  Avoid moral hazards while remaining consistent with local events
  • Accurate: Comparison to a thorough, consistent historical reference
  • Available over the entire country

Your advantages with the Grassland Production Index:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Rapid, fair, unbiased compensation for cattle breeders

User friendliness - Icon

Streamlined paperwork for insurance companies and insured parties

Available Globally - Icon

No more need to send insurance experts on-site to assess damage extent

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