As mentioned in the previous communications we still offer a 24/7 “On-Call” enhanced SAFEcommand support and maintenance service.

This service will run outside of our normal business hours (including during English Public Holidays):

  • Monday 17:00 – 09:00 Tuesday
  • Tuesday 17:00 – 09:00 Wednesday
  • Wednesday 17:00 – 09:00 Thursday
  • Thursday 17:00 – 09:00 Friday
  • Friday 17:00 – 09:00 Monday 

Service levels

The 24/7 “On Call” service will be available for Priority 1 issues affecting frontline services (issues in Gateway, VMDS/ScResponse, or issues with other Airbus products that affect VMDS/ScResponse).

Customers signing up to the 24/7 support and maintenance service will also benefit from a Restoration service level to accompany the Response service level within the current Airbus SLA.

Category Response Restoration
Priority 1 4 hours 1 day
Priority 2 4 hours 2 days
Priority 3 4 hours Reasonable endeavours

Please note that only Priority 1 support calls will be included within the 24/7 service. Priority 2 and 3 support calls will be subject to Airbus’ normal business hours.


Response = Response from second line support team.
Restoration = Restoration of service (this would vary by product, see examples below).
Priority 1 = Critical faults that cause a complete loss of system availability or the critical functionality of that system, or leads to the observable decline of the system’s overall performance.
Priority 2 = Major faults that cause a prolonged or repeated disruption to the use of the system(s), or a fault that may lead to the observable decline of the system’s overall performance.
Priority 3 = Minor faults that do not have a disrupting effect on the system(s) use or overall performance, as well as covering where a suitable workaround is in place, customer queries, and any other requests.

Next Steps: 

If you are interested in this enhanced level of support or would like to request indicative pricing, please contact