With all of our major products receiving updated releases in November, we understand many of you will be eager to apply these to your environments. If you require any of the releases mentioned below please log a call with the Service Desk and your request will be added to our schedule. Full information and release notes can be found on the ScPortal, again, if you require access please also log a call with the Service Desk.

ScCapture 2.5

The new version of ScCapture, with separated ID functionality, is now available. We are pleased to confirm that you will now be able to migrate your existing Risk and Hydrant IDs to ScCapture as their unique identifier and maintain unique numbering for each Point of Interest type.

This new release includes the following changes:

  1. Risk, Hydrant and EWS POIs now have separated sequential ID allocations, allowing numbering to be continuous for both Risk and Hydrant users when operating the software simultaneously.
  2. When migrating from legacy Risk and Water Management systems you can carry existing IDs forward to ScCapture.
  3. New report search mode.
  4. Ability to configure which attributes appear in search results.
  5. Revised operability functionality.
  6. Improvements to search performance.
  7. Minor bug fixes.

ScCourier 2.5 & ScGateway 8.2

The new version of ScCourier and its supporting version of ScGateway is now available. This release includes an overhaul of the ScCourier Dashboard user interface, off peak delivery, package deletion and new comms features. In order to benefit from the full features in this release, it requires a ScGateway upgrade which includes new services to enable CRS licence search, and also to provide comms data to the ScCourier dashboard.

ScCourier 2.5:

This new release includes the following changes:

  1. Centrally manage Test Clients – Use the Dashboard to set particular clients as test devices.
  2. Package deletion – Easily clear up old data packages centrally for all your clients.
  3. Off peak distribution – Schedule large Datasets to only be collected by clients through the night.
  4. Auto-acquisition of file based packages – Remove the need to manually trigger updates for file packages.
  5. New comms tab – manage Callsign, GD92 and ISSI assignment through the dashboard. No need to change XML files and restart gateway components.
  6. View the current comms status of MDTs.
  7. New current incident info panel – view ongoing incidents and callsigns assigned to them.
  8. View Endpooint information for all devices associated with a particular callsign.
  9. Dynamic target type management – You can now use the Dashboard to change the target types of clients, you no longer need to amend client side config files.
  10. MDT organisation view – assign MDTs to groups to easily find devices in the dashboard.

Important: The new version of ScCourier includes the ability to delete packages from MDTs. In order to use this functionality, ALL MDTS must have been upgraded to the new version of ScCourier Client BEFORE using the package deletion function. Any MDTs still running the 2.4 version of ScCourier Collect that encounter a deleted package will stop receiving updates. Because of this it will not be able to receive the new ScCourier software to fix and update itself, and therefore will require manual intervention.

ScGateway 8.2

  1. CRS licence plate search for MDTs without internet access.
  2. ScCourier dashboard integration for comms information.

Moditech CRS RDW – Licence Plate Search on a Locked Down MDT.

This new version of Gateway enables those of you who have MDTs that have external internet access restricted by Airwave lockdowns to now consider the CRS RDW version. This enhanced licence allows you to carry out licence plate searches from ScResponse and have the exact vehicle model automatically load in the CRS module. To do this we use messaging between ScResponse and ScGateway. Our new ScGateway component communicates with the Moditech services and returns the result to ScResponse/CRS.

If you would like to talk to us about an RDW licence of CRS please contact Kelly Raffell

ScResponse 3.2.2

ScResponse 3.2.2 including Chemdata 2019.1 support is now available. This release also contains a few other bug fixes and improvements listed below.

This new release includes the following changes:

  1. ScResponse now supports the licensed version of Chemdata (2019.1 onwards).
  2. Added a filter to prevent duplicate messages appearing in the message log.
  3. Reduced the size of the buttons on the Status module page to allow more to be displayed at once.
  4. Fixed a bug where items would sometimes be incorrectly selected when scrolling down a list using touchscreen.
  5. Fixed a bug causing MasterMap to sporadically cache blank white tiles.

The version of software you require will depend on whether you wish to deploy the licensed version of Chemdata with this upgrade, or remain on the unlicensed version (2018.1 and previous). To receive a copy of the software please log a call with the Service Desk stating which version of Chemdata you wish to use going forward with this release. We can of course work with you to help with the move to the licensed version of Chemdata when you are ready.