Regardless of whether the requirement is for nationwide surveillance and border protection, or to deploy assets internationally to support military operations, the need for information superiority within the armed forces is critical. Military surveillance systems, collecting intelligence 24/7 from sensors on land, air and sea, require state-of-the-art solutions to process the resulting volumes of data incredibly quickly. The question is therefore; ‘How can we turn the data collected into information superiority in real-time?’

Solution & Results

Within the Intelligence portfolio at Airbus Defence and Space, the Fortion® SuRVIn product suite is the right tool to transform the data collected by real-time sensors into actionable information for decision-making.

  • The Fortion® SuRVIn suite is comprised of three products: SuRVIn STIC, SuRVIn InESS and SuRVIn ABI, which can be used as individual stand-alone systems or combined for a comprehensive solution.
  • Fortion® SuRVIn STIC has been developed as a nationwide strategic surveillance system. The algorithms have been in use for more than 20 years on-board Boeing B707 NATO AWACS and B737 AEW&C aircraft.
  • Fortion® SuRVIn InESS (Intelligence, Exploitation, Surveillance Suite) provides users at operational and tactical levels with continuous near real-time information for a defined Area of Interest. This solution is used by NATO AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance) in conjunction with unmanned aircraft (drones).
  • Fortion® SuRVIn ABI (Activity-Based Intelligence) incorporates artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques, allowing for the exploitation of massive amounts of data for the identification of military patterns, anomalies and behaviour prediction. Fortion® SuRVIn ABI enhances Fortion® SuRVIn STIC and Fortion® SuRVIn InESS, or any legacy C2ISR product already in use by the armed forces.


  • Combat-proven ISR product suite, provides real-time situational awareness by detecting, locating, tracking and identifying all types of air, surface, ground and maritime objects
  • Highly customisable, with the ability to process data from any type of surveillance sensors: radar, thermal, optical, hyperspectral, etc., from satellites, manned/unmanned aircraft, ground sensors and maritime vessels
  • For nationwide surveillance or a defined area of interest
  • NATO compliant allowing interoperability
  • ITAR-free.


For armed forces that are in search of a robust, flexible and easy-to-maintain ISR solution, the Fortion® SuRVIn product suite offers state-of-the-art capabilities, and ensures the provision of information superiority at every level of military operation.