In an uncertain and often volatile world, intelligence is vital for detecting and classifying threats as soon as possible, and providing a comprehensive view of the operational environment to enable timely decision-making.

Building on the intelligence culture it first established in the space domain more than 40 years ago, Airbus today supports numerous armed forces in the development of key technologies. It facilitates the breaking down of barriers, both at information and command system levels, whilst guaranteeing controlled and highly-secure access to sensitive information. Airbus’ success in this area is not only the result of its recognised technical expertise but also of its acute understanding of the individual operational needs of its customers, developed through a focus on maintaining long-term and collaborative relationships.

The solutions developed by Airbus allow for the collection and exploitation of big data, and the timely sharing of the extracted intelligence with all relevant and authorised actors. In this regard, Airbus' expertise in secure communications and cyber security is essential for interoperating intelligence data, capitalising on it, and distributing it securely. Partnerships established with innovative start-ups and SMEs, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, also guarantee its solutions are at the leading edge of what’s possible.

The Airbus systems and end-to-end solutions used by the intelligence services cover the entire intelligence cycle: from multi-sensor data collection (IMINT, ELINT, OSINT, HUMINT, CyberINT and COMINT) to the exploitation of said data through fusion, authentication and analysis – all in the pursuit of supporting its customers in conducting intelligence-enhanced operations.