Change detection for agriculture

FORMOSAT-2 imagery is easily exploitable and of great value for crop monitoring. You choose how often you wish to acquire imagery, giving you the ability to rapidly pinpoint any change in land cover.


  • Target different stages of crop growth for precision agriculture
  • Support production management for crop yield monitoring
  • Detect and monitor illegal crops
  • Monitor rice crops (daily revisits)
  • Keep track of projects in forest environments (infrastructures, logging, reconversion)

Monitoring yields of carrot and leek crops in Aquitaine, Southwest France

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Crop yield monitoring

FORMOSAT-2’s blue spectral band is a precious aid for agricultural applications. In this example, the satellite’s frequent revisit rate enabled farmers to monitor yields of carrot and leek crops.

Over 2 months, FORMOSAT-2 acquired 58 images. Half of these images were useable for extracting vegetation indexes to manage yields (cloud cover precluded analysis of the other images).

FORMOSAT-2’s revisit capability ensures data continuity irrespective of required acquisition frequency or weather conditions (because the satellite acquires imagery 1 hour earlier than other systems, it limits the obscuring effects of mist).

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Change detection for agriculture

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