With ScResponse and ScCapture nearing the end of their current development phases, we have been able to make good progress on our major ScCourier release for the year. Below is a list of features we are aiming to have in a summer release, many of which are now developed and just pending testing.

  • Delete data packages using the ScCourier Dashboard.
  • Control which clients are test clients using the ScCourier Dashboard.
  • Set or change Client Target Types using the dashboard
  • Specify an update schedule (restrict some data packages to only download during a specified time window).
  • Restrict ScCourier from populating databases beyond 10GB.
  • Add custom notes to a data package.
  • Allow custom grouping of clients on the dashboard.
  • Review how we present data status in the dashboard.
  • Auto acquire changes to organisation data (callsigns and crew).

Much of that work is now well underway. The next step is to integrate some ScGateway functionality into the Dashboard. I will be arranging a working group meeting soon to define additional features, initially we are looking at:

  • Display list of all comms clients with access to their endpoint information.
  • Use Dashboard to change/edit Callsign/GD92 data in the Gateway.
  • Use Dashboard to change ISSIs for Officer radios.
  • Display current status of Gateway clients.
  • Display current status of Gateway connections.

This work continues and we will provide more information as development progresses. If you would like to have input into this development please refer to the Working Group information mentioned later in the newsletter.