ScCapture is now being used by 15+ Fire Services; however, users yet to migrate have been very clear about several changes they need to see before they can do so. One change in particular has meant a big overhaul of ScCapture. The change relates to the way ScCapture allocated IDs for the records you add to it. ScCapture has both Hydrants and Risks and they share numbering of IDs. So if you create a risk in a blank system it gets ID 1, if you then create a Hydrant it gets ID 2, if you then add a defect to a Hydrant that gets ID 3 and so on. This means we were unable to migrate existing Hydrant and Risk IDs from current systems.

We’ve undertaken work to allow each type of object to have its own unique ID, so you can now have Risk ID 1 and Hydrant ID 1 and those of you who have not migrated yet can carry your existing ID’s forward to ScCapture. This is a fundamental change which as you can imagine has repercussions right through the system. We are currently in the testing phase and anticipate release in June along with updated Migration scripts. We have also made other changes, see below:

  • Allow Risks and Hydrants to have their own unique ID numbering sequence.
  • Updated migration tools.
  • Hydrant to automatically set to inoperable when raising a relevant defect.
  • Hydrant to automatically have icon represent inoperability on the map.
  • Search performance improvement.
  • Improve export mechanism so user can carry on working while doing an export.
  • Auto set Inspection due date based on other data in the system.
  • Other bug fixes and minor user interface improvements.

If you have any questions about this upcoming release please contact us for more information via the Service Desk. We will of course send out an email when the release is issued and will be looking to get as many of you upgraded or migrated this year.