At our last User Forum in 2018 we demonstrated ScResponse with an Integrated Sat Nav solution. There was significant interest from those of you who do not want to run a second device in your vehicles. So following that feedback, we spent the early part of this year developing the function further and we are pleased to announce this is now available. We have partnered with Sygic who provide the Sat-Nav engine that we have integrated into ScResponse so we can now offer you the following functionality in ScResponse:


ScResponse SatNav Image
  • Integrated Sygic Sat Nav with premium quality maps and routing.
  • Auto routing to location on receipt of Incident details.
  • Custom routing according to vehicle parameters.
  • Audible route instructions.
  • Summary view that can be overlaid over other ScResponse modules so ScResponse user can continue to prepare for an Incident but still see and hear directions.
  • Manually set a route when no Incident is active.
  • Offline maps that can be updated via ScCourier.
ScResponse SatNav Image 2

If you would like more information about this new additional feature or a quotation please get in touch with us by contacting the Service Desk.