The newest release of ScResponse is now available. We have listened closely to the feedback from the ScResponse working group and those of you using ScResponse in the live environment for the last 18 months and focused specifically on issues and improvements raised by these groups. Version 3.2 brings many enhancements such as refinements to text and button sizes and also general usability. The full list of new features are detailed on the ScPortal, with a few highlighted below:

  1. ScResponse now supports MasterMap in Shape file format as an alternative to the current database format.
  2. Edit & resend messages from the Message Log
  3. GPS Port Scanning – If GPS is lost ScResponse will scan for GPS on other ports.
  4. Configurable Layout on Tools Menu – Add titled sections and colourise buttons.
  5. Configure the size of buttons on the map screen.
  6. Text sizes reviewed and enlarged in certain areas such as, measure tool, status drop down, Incident summary.
  7. Access GPS info (signal strength/co-ordinates) by clicking on your GPS icon.
  8. Lock screen now persists after a system restart.
  9. ScResponse will now wake screen on receipt of an Incident.
  10. Implement different status rules when you have a Batch Incident.
  11. Crew Riding staff search improvements.
  12. Addition of Sygic Sat Nav module. See more detail in the next section.
  13. Many other bug fixes and minor user interface refinements.

If you have any questions about this release please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the SAFEcommand Service Desk. If you are running ScResponse 3.1.1, this new release can be deployed centrally from ScCourier. When you are ready to upgrade, please log a call and we will provide the software and guidance to carry out the upgrade.