As part of the new SI Geode 4D contract, which provides a comprehensive information system to manage all environmental information for the French Armed Forces, a conference was held last December in Toulouse, France.

Gathering over 60 operational staff from a cross-section of French defence-related entities, the meeting focused on the SI GEODE 4D developments currently in progress and continued the discussions with the system’s end users to ensure the solution meets their requirements, both today and tomorrow.

Accessed through a secure, single-access portal, the SI GEODE 4D multi-layer digital map provides the armed forces with a coherent and shared vision of the geophysical environment, consistent with the NATO REP concept (Recognised Environmental Picture). It is an essential component of the SI GEODE 4D programme (geography, hydrography, oceanography and meteorology for defence), which allows authorised users from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces access to the geophysical environment’s data archives.

This project’s consortium, led by Airbus, brings together four innovative and specialist partner companies, with Magellium providing geography-related data; Météo France International supplying meteorology, hydrography and oceanography intelligence; Bertin Technology (becoming CT Engineering) providing decision-making support and collaboration tools; and Deloitte, bringing its change management expertise to the table.

“This collaborative event was highly productive and brought together a diverse range of critically important voices, which will undoubtedly help maximise the long-term effectiveness of the solution. It also highlights the high levels of confidence the French Armed Forces has in Airbus and our partners for the ongoing development of the SI GEODE 4D system to support their digital transformation,” said Murielle Chakalov, SI GEODE 4D programme manager of the Intelligence business unit at Airbus Defence and Space.