Airbus Defence and Space's commitment

The Geo-Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space is committed to programmes whose purpose is to make Earth-observation images and geo-information available for worthy causes such as natural and man-made disasters, humanitarian missions, global surveillance of the environment, international security and peacekeeping, education and research.
Airbus Defence and Space is also working closely with experts and scientists in its community to help foster the next generation of geospatial technologies and systems, as well as to contribute to the development of new applications and business models.
Here are some concrete examples of what 
Airbus Defence and Space’s commitment means.

Supporting risk and emergency response with the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters

Charter on Space and Major Disasters Logo

The International Charter on Space and Major Disasters is an initiative of the leading space agencies aimed at providing a unified system of space data acquisition and delivery to those affected by natural or man-made disasters through Authorized Users.
Airbus Defence and Space actively supports the charter, helping to mitigate the effects of disasters on human life and property by:

  • programming the satellites it operates to provide information to rescue teams in the field as quickly as possible
  • searching for images through its archive to enable multi-date comparisons, which are indispensable for evaluating damage

Developing technology and standards: Open Geospatial Consortium

OGC Logo

The international Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is working to establish interface specifications to ensure interoperability between geographic information systems and to increase interoperability in accessing geospatial data. OGC’s membership is drawn from key players in the geospatial sector, including major institutions (NASA, ESA), leading commercial companies and users.

Airbus Defence and Space is a Principal Member of OGC and an active contributor to OGC efforts such as implementation and testing of geographic web services, online catalogues and multi-satellite tasking such as WCS, WMS, SWE and SPS to name a few.

Visit the Open Geospatial Consortium website