At the SAFEcommand User Forum in November we presented a rough 2019 roadmap:

2019 Q1

Working Group prioritised changes


Working Group prioritised changes, NCEC Chemdata modifications, ESN Support?

2019 Q2

Working Group prioritised changes


Incident Command
Working Group Prioritised Changes


Security/Installation changes, other prioritised changes

2019 Q3/4

Working Group prioritised changes


ESN Compatibility


As always this is not a hard and fast release schedule, as priorities change we will adapt this roadmap as and when needed and we will do our best to keep you updated. We continue to make good progress migrating you to the latest products we are also now able to collect much better user feedback. This year we will be engaging more than ever with you to form Working Groups for specific product developments. We have an active group now for the core SAFEcommand products but will soon be setting up specific groups for ScGuide and Incident Command. We are already focussed on specifying the detailed requirements of the next major ScCourier release with the core working Group. Features we are currently looking at are:

  • Throttling of Updates (deliver big updates gradually or in a certain timeframe without blocking smaller high priority updates from getting to MDTs
  • Phased Updates (More control over when data is delivered to specific clients
  • Dynamic Test clients (ability to set Test clients in the dashboard)
  • SAFEcommand dashboard (improved dashboard which shows Comms info as well as courier information

On the ScCapture side of things we have started work on the high priority requirements that came out of the Roadmap sessions at the User Forum. The highest of which is to have an independent unique ID sequence for Hydrants and Risks, this is a fundamental change to ScCapture but it has been identified as very important to many users so we are focussed on delivering this. The top few items that will be looked at for this next ScCapture release are:

  • Sequential Entity ID
  • Ability to identify defect types as making a feature inoperable
  • Pop-up to ask if object is inoperable Record Hydrant/EWS usage
  • Search by ID
  • Capture photo from a camera directly

We will continue to update you with progress on all releases. If you have any suggestions for the products, please let us know via the Service Desk. Likewise, if you are not part of a working group and would like to be please get in touch.