In November 2018, we held our Annual Conference and User Forum at St James’ Park in Newcastle and as usual it was an incredibly useful couple of days. The feedback you gave us tells us that it continues to be of real benefit for you and the results of the online surveys from the event, re-affirm the need for this face to face meetup and also helps us to identify what went well and where we can improve.

The feedback from 2017 helped us tweak things for the 2018 User Conference. We introduced more interactive sessions as well as more split work streams to ensure there was content relevant to everyone across both days of the event. We held roadmap overview sessions on Day 1 this year for the first time which worked well, giving people time to digest information and come in on day 2 with feedback, ideas and suggestions on what direction we should be taking SAFEcommand in.

Another change in 2018 year was adding a keynote presentation on Day 2, rather than diving straight into workshops. The speaker, Andrew Macloed, delivered a truly engaging talk on his experiences in helping different groups and organisations collaborate. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive on this from attendees with 100% of survey responders saying the presentation was useful. The comments we received about this were great:

“Andrew Macleod, could have listened to him all day!”

“The keynote was very inspiring”

“Andrew Macleod's segment on day 2 was the best talk I've listened to at a business conference for some time”

“The key note speaker was an excellent idea, and although initially I wasn't sure how interesting people would find it, it was very good & inspiring”

The feedback on the work stream sessions that followed was also very constructive. In general you felt the discussions to be useful. There were a few comments about keeping the whole room engaged and discussing the core topic and also about keeping it from getting too technical. Based on this we will continue to look at ways to make these work stream sessions as effective as possible.

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We also asked for feedback on the location and timing of the event and according to the feedback received it looks like a lot of you like visiting us in the North East and November works for most.
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After reviewing all of your feedback, there was one particular comment that we really felt said it all.

“This year's SAFEcommand conference is one of the best that I've attended. The reason for this is it had more user voices, plenty of opportunities to network with other FRSs and discuss things with Airbus staff, a very good and varied set of segments on innovations, a high quality key note speaker and plenty of smaller workshops which drive user engagement. That said, I feel that whilst it is important to hear how Airbus is getting on at a corporate level, this could be shorter and more time given to some of the topics mentioned above.”

In addition to the above, 100% of responders rated the event “Excellent” or “Good”; which is fantastic!

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We will take all of this feedback on board and aim to make the 2019 event the best yet. Overall, we are really pleased that you felt it went so well.

Please save 12th and 13th November as the dates for SAFEcommand User Forum and Conference 2019. Once confirmed, we will release more information.

Thanks to everyone for attending and contributing to our User Forum and for taking the time out to provide feedback. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event.