What's New in GeoStore?

We continuously develop our GeoStore in order to offer you the best possible online experience. Stay up to date on the latest improvements in GeoStore.

October 2015

Projects are back with a new design and an easy access!

Just click on the dedicated Icon :

GeoStore - project design

You can create, restore and share your project.

Automatic tasking

You can now select the starting date.

GeoStore - Programming - start date spot

GeoStore - Programming - start date pleiade

Export search results

Export search results in KMZ/KMZ and Shape files are back!

GeoStore - results export

New layers management is now available.

You can now adjust the opacity, add your own lawyer and copy paste the URL.

GeoStore - Layer Managment

GeoStore - Layer Managment 2

The Off the Shelf Product coverage is available.

  • SPOTMaps 2.5 m

GeoStore - Layer Managment - spotmaps 2.5

  • SPOTMaps 1.5 m

GeoStore - Layer Managment spotmas 1.5

  • Elevation 30

GeoStore - Layer Managment - elevation 30