Pléiades is an optical satellite constellation providing very high-resolution products (50cm) with a 20km swath.
Both the space and the ground segment have been designed to provide information in record time, offering daily revisit capacity to any point on the globe and outstanding acquisition capabilities to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements.
The Pléiades constellation is the right answer to extract accurate information and bring powerful insight to make informed decisions.

Product Description

50cm resolution products
20km swath
Complete ortho product range: Standard (automatic), Tailored and premium
12 bits dynamic range for high detection capabilities
Online tasking, purchasing and delivery


  • Very-high-resolution multispectral twin satellites [50-cm products]
  • Daily revisit capacity and highly reactive tasking
  • Advanced agility including 5 collection scenarios: Target, Strip Mapping, Tri-Stereo, Corridor and Persistent Surveillance
  • Truly available satellite resource capacity
  • Stereo / Tristereo capacity and fresh archive


  • Detailed & Precise: ideal for precision mapping and in-depth intelligence
  • Fast & Frequent: particularly suitable for emergency response and up-todaily change detection
  • Available & Reactive: with an industryleading collection success rate, Pléiades is the unanimous choice for new collections and timely decision-making
  • Accurate orthorectified imagery as a standard & detailed and solid 3D models, affordable even in the most inaccessible locations


  • Joint optimized tasking together with Pléiades through “One Tasking” offer
  • Online tasking through GeoStore, available 24/7, in full autonomy
  • Perfect for small-area acquisitions with standard parameters or for urgent tasking
  • Dedicated support and tracking from a satellite tasking expert. Ideal choice for complex AoIs or specific parameters
  • Three satellite work plans a day ensuring easy handling of last-minute tasking requests
  • All orbit contact allowing rapid access to critical information


  • Defence
  • Risk and disaster management
  • Urban and mapping applications
  • Civil Engineering