SPOT Receiving Station

Your turnkey solution

Your SPOT receiving station comprises:

  • A SPOT Terminal, supplied by Astrium Services
  • A receiving antenna and the baseband kit
  • Associated services, including commissioning, operator training and a maintenance service of the component of the station
  • Business development support
SPOT ZDS Antenna in French Guiana

ZDS Antenna in French Guiana

Operating your station

Daily operations relating to your direct receiving station are handled by a small team consisting of an acquisition operator, production operator and image-quality expert, overseen by a supervisor.

SPOT Terminal

The SPOT Terminal ingests, archives and processes image telemetry from the SPOT satellites directly on site. This involves:

  • Decoding telemetry and generating catalogue files
  • Managing the archive
  • Generating image data to levels 1A, 1B, 2A and (SPOT 5) Ortho or Primary (SPOT 6&7)
  • Interfacing with Astrium Services’ programming centre and operational support teams

Multi-sensor antenna

Featuring the very latest technologies, your receiving antenna is configured to:

  • Track the main Earth-observation satellites (SPOT, Pléiades, etc.)
  • Collect image telemetry within a large receiving footprint

Associated services

Pre-commissioning Your station is adapted to the local environment and conditions. We define with you how it will be integrated during a pre-commissioning site visit.
Commissioning Commissioning of the station, antenna and terminal elements is supervised by Astrium Services teams.
Training On-site training includes satellite tasking, operations, production management and first-level maintenance.
Operations loop Astrium Services coordinates acceptance testing of all equipment and validation of the operations loop before your system enters service.
Maintenance The standard warranty and maintenance period starts as soon as you sign off acceptance of your SPOT Terminal. Our product support team will help you with any operational problems, providing system assistance and hardware and software maintenance.
Upgrades and improvements Upgrade packages will be provided during the maintenance period. Software upgrades are sent out once a year. The objective is to maintain a uniform, up-to-date system across Astrium Services’ receiving station network.
Support Astrium Services’ domain experts are ready to help you develop your business, providing support for products, services and applications.

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