Geospatial Data for Insurance and Finance

Comprehensive property risk data

Unified environment and peril risk data for insurance underwriting and desktop surveys for claims management. Property risk assessments using datasets from numerous providers to support lending decisions based on the insurability of the property, at mortgage point of origination. Currently available in UK only.

Insurance and finance services


  • Over 90% of British insurers already use the JBA comprehensive flood map to inform underwriting decisions.
  • Desktop survey capabilities allow for business efficiency in claims management.


  • Allowing the determination of property insurability at the point of mortgage origination.
  • Removing inefficiencies from the mortgage lending process for time and financial savings.

Geospatial Data for Insurance and Finance - Key Features:

Address Base Premium from Ordnance Survey

  • Integrating the most comprehensive address dataset for Great Britain
  • Contains more than 40 million records, updated every six weeks
  • Enabling risk scores at letterbox level

Subsidence Risk Modelling

  • Clay, Peat, Sand, Silt and Soft
  • Partnered with National Soils Research Institute of Cranfield University

Comprehensive Flood Map of Great Britain

  • Incorporating river, coastal, surface and ground water
  • This map is created in partnership with JBA, using the Airbus terrain model of Great Britain

Non-repudiated Subsidence Claims

  • Partnered with Property Risk Inspection Ltd (PRI)

Portfolio Analysis

  • Assess the risk in your back-book.

Supplied as a Look-Up Table or Visualisation

  • Formatted to show comprehensive information quickly

Your Advantages with Geospatial Data for Insurance and Finance:

Improved cooperation_1 - Icon

Single point of reference to inform your decisions

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Assess exposure in your current portfolio to show your risk profile. Tailoring your portfolio analysis to guide your corporate strategy

Effective & Fast - Icon

Improve lending business efficiencies by providing knowledge at point of decision. Empowering decision-makers with understanding

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