DMC Constellation Acquisition Capacity

A Cost-Effective Solution for Rapid Coverage and Frequent Revisit of Large Areas
DMC Constellation Two-Day Revisit Campaign Complements LANDSAT Data
  • Precision Agriculture applications require higher revisit frequency than 16 days
  • High revisit capacity to minimize cloud cover rate for highly frequent sampling of crop status
  • Near-real -time advice for irrigation or fertilization by tight monitoring of the evolution of the crop
  • DMC Constellation performs a 2-day revisit campaign over an agricultural area in Texas (USA), since 2013
DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 crop monitoring capacities

Comparison of DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 number of acquisitions to Landsat and the consequences in crop monitoring

The USDA Campaigns for the Monitoring of US Crop Season in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Data from the DMC Constellation is used by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the monitoring of the crop season in the contiguous US since 2011
  • 1 million km2 acquired each day of the campaign and delivered, orthorectified, within 72 hours from acquisition 
DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 12 “almost cloud-free” coverages - USA 2001

The 12 “almost cloud-free” coverages (every 15 days from May 1 to October 31) of the 2011 US Crop Season campaign for USDA

Acquisition Capacity

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