Schema 9 Changes

One of the major changes in SAFEcommand products is the format of Map Data we use. For a long time a key enhancement you have asked for from us was the ability to update the map data on your MDTs remotely. We can now do this by storing MasterMap data in a database, which allows us to facilitate change-only updates to the map layer.

We needed a standard method of adding your data to a database, and so produced a MasterMap translation tool which translates Ordnance Survey data into an initial database that can then be acquired and collected by ScCourier.

Last year Ordnance Survey made a change to the content of the MasterMap data relating to how styling is applied as part of their Schema 9 update. We were aware of this and made changes to our MasterMap translation tool to accommodate them. Unfortunately, some aspects of the changes in Schema 9 were missed from the Ordnance Survey test data, meaning that any map data processed since September 2017 was missing significant chunks of styling information. The styling information is used by ScCapture and ScResponse to make certain features appear correctly on the map screens.

We have made the required changes to our tool and have been contacting those of you who we believe have been affected to help rectify the situation for you. However if you believe you may have been affected by this and have not yet heard from us, or if you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Using Your MasterMap Change Only Updates

Another issue has come to light as a result of us assessing the Schema 9 implications. Many of you did your first MasterMap translations before Schema 9 was released so would not have initially been affected. If you had run any change only updates (COU) since Schema 9 was implemented (September 2017) then you may now have be affected if you didn’t use the new version of the MasterMap translation tool. On investigation, it appears that many of you have not been applying COU to your map data for various reasons and may not be aware of the process of keeping your mapping up-to-date. As a guideline, the overview of the process for building your map data and then applying updates is as follows:

1. Request a full MasterMap supply from Ordnance Survey
2. Process this into a database using MasterMap Translation Tool.
3. Acquire this data into ScCourier for use by ScResponse and ScCapture
4. Every 6 weeks download/receive your COU data
5. Process the COU data in the order you receive it using the MasterMap Translation Tool.
6. ScCourier will pick up the COU data as you process it and make it available to ScCapture and ScResponse

Many of you have done steps 1-3 but haven’t processed any COU. If you have not ran any COU’s on your data yet please contact us for advice by logging a service desk call and we will be happy to advise.