NCEC informed us last year that they planned to make changes to their Chemdata API that would result in us having to make changes to SAFEcommand software. The main change to the Chemdata software is that any instance of Chemdata, including those integrated with ScResponse and VMDS, will need to have an authenticated license.

Chemdata has given us two ways to do this and we have implemented both.

1. Automatic:

  • Chemdata (within ScResponse) will try and connect to an online web service every couple of days and validate the installed license
  • Once validated the license will remain active for about 6 months
  • Chemdata will continue checking and trying to access the service every couple of days
  • This method requires the MDTs to have some access to the Chemdata web service, for example when they are on station and have wifi

2. Manual

If you have an install of Chemdata with no access to the internet, there is a manual method available:

  • You will all be given an organisation ID by NCEC; Store this and a unique identifier for each install (chosen and managed by you) somewhere on the devices running Chemdata
  • Run ScResponse (as a means to run Chemdata) which will generate a unique “request string” for each device
  • Take a copy of the request string, login to the NCEC portal and input this unique string
  • This will generate the license text and an entry in your Chemdata management console showing the device
  • Next, copy that license text into the License.txt on the MDT that generated the request file
  • Restart ScResponse
  • Chemdata will now be activated for approximately six months.
  • Repeat for each Chemdata installation
  • This process must be carried out again before the six month licence expiry

Full documentation on this will be provided with our Summer release.

This change will only impact Chemdata Installations from release 2018.1 onwards, so your existing installations will continue to work. As a result of this change the most recent NCEC release, chemdata 2017.1a, will be the last version to work with VMDS as implementing this latest Chemdata API in VMDS would mean rolling out a new version of VMDS at a time when we are looking to get you upgraded to ScResponse.

If you have any questions about this please contact us by logging a call with the Service Desk.