We take the feedback you give us at the User Forum and at your annual meetings very seriously, using it to define the tasks in our development backlog. Earlier this year we started work on an update to ScCapture, focussing on the roadmap items that you have helped us prioritise. This new release of ScCapture is due imminently and contains a wealth of new functionalities and bug fixes listed below:

ScCapture Release Update
  • The ability to login to ScCapture as a specified user (optional)
  • The ability to lockdown functionality on a per user/profile basis if the optional login is used
  • Pre-populating of fields on the inspection form, including inspector’s name if the optional login is used
  • The ability to find an inspection from the defect tab
  • The ability to find a hydrant from an inspection
  • ScCapture now allows a user to type in NGR when creating or moving items
  • Truncation of the display of NGR to metre precision on dialogs
  • The ability to display the map coordinates whilst moving the cursor over the map
  • The addition of a ‘filter map features’ function to only show items matching search results
  • The addition of an ‘export search results’ facility to allow reporting
  • Allow sorting of search results and other lists by column headers
  • ‘Find on map’ now zooms in to a user specified zoom level
  • Addition of a ‘send current map to another tab’ function to reduce map navigation when switching between schemes, hydrants and EWS. 
  • The ability to add a date stamp to ‘notes’ fields
  • Introduction of a Hydrant Export style Hydra datashare facility with additional scheduling options
  • The ability to filter generic documents by document type (risk users)
  • Clicking on a map whilst an item is selected will deselect any selected features (optional)
  • Addition of an ‘Archive’ column to look-up management to allow, for example, retired employees to be hidden from lists
  • The colour cast on mapping caused by semi-transparent mapping has been removed
  • Additional operating system support  - Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

We will email you when the new version of ScCapture is released and ask you to log a call to request an upgrade. For those of you not yet using ScCapture who would now like to discuss your upgrade options, please contact us via the Service Desk.

If you have any thoughts or questions on the features included (or not yet included) in this release then please get in touch.