The context of military missions is moving at a fast pace, in particular with soldiers now using existing cellular networks’ infrastructure and services to collect tactical data on their secured smartphones.

Airbus’ SoldierC2 provides a unique digital solution for the dismounted soldier, making processes of command (monitor, assess, direct and plan) easier by integrating new AndroidTM app features and improving the overall conduct of missions.

SoldierC2 is the C2 core of any Soldier Modernization Program (SMP) designed to equip infantrymen and gathering information coming from the rifle, sight, thermal and optical sensors and radio-communications. Up until now, soldiers in the field used voice to communicate or old dedicated military pads, which are not ergonomic enough to accommodate the evolving tactical situation. Using Fortion® SoldierC2, military procedures can be both significantly simplified and processed quickly and efficiently, with digital reports (including sight imagery, pictures, videos and audio recordings) being easily exchanged and safely and securely shared. Fortion® SoldierC2 software is developed using state of the art AndroidTM technology and is therefore able to run on almost every COTS AndroidTM platform like ordinary smartphones.

Fortion®SoldierC2 provides various features to support collaboration and synchronisation within a squad, group or platoon of soldiers. In particular, the software implements a chat application, enabling the user to send texts, graphical objects, overlays or any kind of file as an attachment. The SoldierC2 graphical interface comes with a user-friendly map viewer based on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) standards, with the user interface displayed and functional in portrait and landscape mode.

The volume of data sent is optimised in order to take into account the tactical network’s capacity. The user can also define dedicated overlays to suit any national procedure or meet specific requirements. In addition, a set of standard military messages is integrated into the product and can be extended to suit the needs of the customer.

SoldierC2 is the perfect tool for the lower levels of command which, together with the TacticalC2 and the JointC2, forms the full Airbus C2 suite.

Fortion® SoldierC2