Pléiades Direct Tasking

Your VHR image in less than 1 hour

Direct Tasking is the premium access to Pléiades. It offers you the best reactivity from collection planning to mission ready data, to support ultimate near-real time applications.

Autonomy – Reactivity – Confidentiality : Take Control

The Direct Tasking is the first class programming mode for direct receiving stations (DRS) to take control of Pléiades satellites.
Get a dedicated and guaranteed access to the satellite resource with the maximum reactivity and the highest confidentiality (all information is encrypted).

How does it work?

1- Reserve an orbit slot up to 24 hours before the satellite pass.
2- Prepare and validate your collection plan. You can refine and optimize it up to 20 minutes before acquisition (considering the latest weather conditions or urgent requests).
3- Your tasking plan is ciphered and uploaded.
4- The satellite acquires and downloads simultaneously your data to your station, guarantying a near-real time service.
5- Your data is automatically produced : 30 minutes from reception to usable information!

Direct Tasking is the ultimate near-real time solution for disaster support, surveillance and monitoring.

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