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Defence and security decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence that has taken relevant multisource datasets into account. With the explosion of data from all sources and the increase of threats globally, we support you by providing the right tools to refine the available information and to give decision makers the ability to quickly see an overview of a situation or detail.

Geospatial Intelligence Centers

Defence and security decisions rely on up-to-date intelligence using relevant multi-source datasets. This requires innovative tools, which allow for the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of available information to give decision-makers the ability to quickly see detail and/or an overview of a situation.

Airbus has the capability to deliver customer-centric Intelligence Centres, which are complete solutions possibly combining:

  1. an access to our imagery products,
  2. to our defence information services,
  3. processing and analysis tools for a wide range of intelligence disciplines (IMINT, OSINT, GEOINT, SIGINT),
  4. training and support.

Airbus has packaged a set of entry level offers of Geospatial Intelligence Centres, focusing on IMINT, OSINT and GEOINT capabilities. The offer is modular and allow the centres to grow according to your specific requirements.


The offer is based on 5 components

Entry level offers:

  • IMINT Starter Kit: image analyst software suite (Image Analyst Lite, IMINT KDB, RECCE Engine®) for image visualisation and exploitation
  • GEOINT Starter Kit: I4D Explorer licences for the collection and merging of images and geospatial data
  • Basic GEOINT Centre: miniature GEOINT platform including I4D Explorer software, a mini I4D Data Centre for data collection, cataloguing, storage and dissemination
  • Primary GEOINT Centre: built on the Basic offer, includes a larger and highly secured platform allowing to initiate OSINT capabilities
  • Extended Intelligence Centres are large and bespoke multi-intelligence centres tailored to the specific customers’ needs (objectives, organisation,maturity,…).


Your advantages with Geospatial Intelligence Centers

Long experience & Proven product - Icon

State-of-the-art processing and data power

Customer support & training - Icon
Long-term relationships: When implementing
our solutions we train, assist and help, ensuring you get maximum value
Scalable to user need - Icon

Modular and bespoke: Solutions that grow with your specific requirements

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Guaranteed usefulness: Our solutions are built around your needs and come with a 1-year warranty, training and support

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Massive Intelligence

With the explosion of data from all sources, the increase of threats, and the shortage of analysts, it becomes critical for Defence and Security customers to get tools to know where to focus their human expertise and ensure they don’t miss any information or alert. 

Massive Intelligence is our future offer for Intelligence and will allow you to be more efficient in your daily work and better anticipate threats. It will feature fusion and multi-INT correlation to detect abnormal behaviours and bring more confidence in the informationfor decision, and ultimately will allow predictive analysis. 

To achieve this, it will process automatically all data using analytics based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, semantic analysis and cloud. The first services will be launched in 2018 and will automatically process data from IMINT and OSINT.

Massive Intelligence key features:

  • Process and analysis automatically all collected data from imagery, open sources, signals, human intelligence
  • Optimisation of sensors’ capacities,
  • Collection of information beyond identified targets, to anticipate future threats
  • Multi-INT correlation and fusion
  • Better processing of asymmetric threats through automatic alerts and detection of weak signals
  • To be deployed as a service or as a system on a secured cloud, public or private

Your advantages with Massive Intelligence:

High quality & Reliability - Icon
Efficiency: Intelligence human resources focused on high value tasks of exploitation
Effective & Fast - Icon
Anticipation: Weak signal and abnormal detection for quick decisions
Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Confidence of information: fusion and correlations between different sources

Safety first (data) - Icon

Exhaustive picture: no risk of missing an information thanks to the processing of all data

Data Analytics, powered by OneAtlas

Airbus is developing a solution to assist the operators in their decision making by providing additional information. This project would provide data storage and smart data analytics solutions based on Big Data technology. Leading edge algorithms would provide a means of using the stored sensor data in combination with real-time data, thereby providing optimal support for our customers’ decision making processes.

Fortion® SurvIn

Fortion® SurvIn is a set of networked applications gathering information from surveillance sensors to establish and distribute a shared situation awareness picture. The solution incorporates the automated processing of various forms of real-time data, derived from radar, ELINT and optical sensors, as well as non-real-time data in a networked LAN/WAN environment.

ABI module

Activity Based Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Correlation of data from different platforms
  • Find common patterns of interest
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Prediction of activities
  • Statistics

This provides answers and suggestions to the user, improving customers’ efficiency and supporting them in their decisions. The solution will integrate multiple data sources and provide precise situation awareness.

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Data Analytics key features:

  • Real-time Data Fusion with large sensor suites
  • Real-time multi-target tracking based on airborne and ground based sensors
  • GIS supported tracking e.g. based on GMTI radar
  • Link & Network Centric Warfare
  • Big Data Mining
  • Data Analytics based on Machine Learning including e.g. Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analysis and Threat Assessment 
  • Situation awareness and decision support
  • From the sensors to headquarter

Your advantages with Data Analytics:

Different data sources, sensors - Icon

Combination between Big Data and real-time surveillance

Improved cooperation - Icon

Capitalisation of knowledge: Solution provides superior situational awareness

Long experience & Proven product - Icon

Concept proven and in operational use

Different data sources, sensors - Icon
Modular and bespoke:
Customer can integrate their own data

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