Land & Joint Systems

The Tactical Advantage

Our Land & Joint systems propose command and control applications, from headquarters up to dismounted soldiers, supporting the preparation of ever increasingly complex missions, advanced training via realistically designed simulations and medical and logistic infrastructure.

TacticalC2 - Tactical Battle Management Software

Fortion® TacticalC2 is a tactical command and control software suite intended to be installed on standard Windows® computers to equip Command Centres and army command or combat vehicles. 

The software provides a Common Operational Picture and tools to prepare and conduct the mission as well as interfacing with external sensors and other military systems.

TacticalC2 key features:

Management Tools

  • Order of Battle management
  • Shared situation awareness: Blue Force Tracking and Red Force Observation
  • Orders management and course of action display
  • User defined templates to create military documents

Multi-Surface Solution

  • Four hardware configurations: Tablets, laptops, desktops and touch tables
  • External interfaces: GPS, tactical radios (PR4G, Harris Falcon II), PMR (Tetra, Tetrapol)
Display Tools
  • CBRN situation display: Hazardous zones, sensors
  • Obstacle situation display for field engineers usage 
  • Map display: Military and civil formats including satellite imagery and raster maps
  • Terrain calculation: Intervisibility, profile, distances based on DTED or WorldDEM™ products


  • MIL-STD2525C symbols (customised symbols on demand)
  • STANAG-4677, NVG and NFFI compliant
  • Capability to interface with a MIP block3-4 gateway

Common Tools

  • Filing plan
  • message handling system
  • chat
  • widgets for system status

Your advantages with TacticalC2:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Real-time acquisition of blue force positions: To get the most updated situation of your own forces

Effective & Fast - Icon

Leverage the weapon systems effects: By providing an accurate and real-time threat situation

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Optimise the use of radio bandwidth: By performing smart and adapted compression

Safety first (data) - Icon

Secure the communication: By adopting data transfer as much as possible instead of voice

SoldierC2 - Dismounted Situational Awareness

Fortion® SoldierC2 is software intended to be installed on Android tablets or smartphones for the benefit of dismounted soldiers. The software provides a Common Operational Picture and tools to prepare and conduct the mission: targets and reports. 

Fortion SoldierC2 integrates an Order of Battle application and is interoperable with the Fortion TacticalC2 software through a NATO ST4677 gateway. The tablet or smartphone equipped with this software forms the Command and Control part of the Soldier ModernisationProgramme (SMP).

SoldierC2 key features:

  • Shared situation awareness: Blue Force Tracking and Red Force Tracking
  • Navigation tool to create waypoints and directions to go
  • Tactical chat to allow for easy sharing of relevant information on a squad or platoon level
  • Common tools: Message handling system, widgets for system status, alerts
  • External interfaces: GPS, tactical radios, PMR (through a component of the Fortion® Mobile router software), Laser Range Finder interface
  • Overlay handling: Blue Force Tracking, targets, tactical overlays, sketches
  • Map tools: distance measurement
  • Night vision mode
  • Full set of APP6-B symbols, NVG objects compliance

Your advantages with SoldierC2:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Efficient: Situational awareness without losing the focus of the mission

User friendliness - Icon

User-friendly: Ergonomically designed user interface for convenient use during stressful operations and intuitive for reduced training effort

Scalable to user need - Icon

Scalable & configurable: Fits a wide variety of user domains and mission types

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon
Easy deployment: Android™ based to be deployable
on a wide variety of COTS

SimFAC - Virtual Environment for FAC-JTAC

Fortion® SimFAC is a virtual simulation solution for the training of Forward Air Controller, designating the target on the ground for air support. The system is NATO certified.

The SIMFAC simulation system provides immersive virtual environment for
  • Forward Air Controller (FAC), Joint Terminal Attack Controller  (JTAC)
  • Forward Observer (NFO), Artillery observer and sniper-spotter training

SimFAC key features:

  • Supports FAC / JTAC certification and qualification (STANAG 3797) for type I, II, III night and laser
  • Used by French forces for trainees pre-screening, basic training, requalification, check runs and improvement by tactical drilling
  • Low cost solution based on COTS and printed replicas
  • Enables network distributed training (Computer Assisted Exercise, international exercises)
  • Rifle scope simulator for spotter-sniper training, micro-UAV simulation

Your advantages with SimFAC:

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Interoperable with legacy simulation (Distributed Interactive Simulations, High Level Architecture)

Satellite - Icon

Versatile and flexible architecture: adaptable to other collective tasks such as sniper- spotter, artillery observer. 

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Accredited by NATO since 2013 & low cost

Transhospital™ is a solution to rapidly deploy and support both Military and Disaster Relief Missions. 

It provides mobile solutions to all elements of the medical rescue chain: ground medical evacuation vehicle kits, role 1, 2,and 3 medical facilities, tactic and strategic air medevac solutions, patient decontamination systems.

Transhospital™ key features:

  • Designed and built to meet the highest medical standards - equivalent to those of standard hospitals
  • Modular, variable and expandable
  • Self-sustained for up to 72 hours including power, fresh-water and waste-water tanks
  • Transportable by road, rail, sea or air
  • 30 to 60 minutes to set up a rescuestation

Your advantages with Transhospital™:

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Ensure best possible care wherever and whenever needed and improve the chance of patient’s recovery

Effective & Fast - Icon

Reduced need for medical expertise in the battlefield

Safety first (human) - Icon

Maintain patient in a protected medical environment during the evacuation

Improved cooperation - Icon

Keep up the troops’ moral

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