Civil Institutions

From Emergency Response to Sustainable Land Administration

Land Administration, National Mapping, Engineering and Infrastructure Development, as well as Public Safety and Emergency Response are strong governmental drivers worldwide, along with growing pressure on environment and security. For all of these applications, geo-information is a necessary data source and plays a crucial role in supporting key decision-makers by turning the latest geospatial data into reliable information.
We provide a large range of geo-information offers that answer the need of civil institutions worldwide and ensure easy access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Your Needs

  • Land Administration
  • National Mapping 
  • Engineering / infrastructure development, planning, monitoring and controlling
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Response


Satellite Data

The Right Data at the Right Time

Our unique constellation provides what you need - when you need it: wide coverage, fine detail, reliable new collections and extensive archives.

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Elevation Services

From Global to Local Scales

The right models for all project requirements, anywhere in the world.

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Integrated Operations Planning & Response

Our software solutions supporting Public Safety & Homeland Security Operations.

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Surface Movement Monitoring

Your Alternative to Terrestrial Surveying

Our radar satellite data provides timely and reliable information about subsidence or uplift occurrence in millimeter range.

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Land Administration Services

Global Sustainable Land Management

A range of services and solutions to transform land administration in developing regions.

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