Defence & Security

To Ensure the Best Decisions, You Need the Best Intelligence

Defence and Security decision makers critically depend upon the support of technology, tools and systems to ensure readiness and preparedness to anticipate and respond to events and missions. Our C4ISR range of product & solutions support the decision maker at headquarter, strategic and tactical levels across the Joint, Land, Air, Sea and Intelligence Services. 

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Your Needs

  • Build a comprehensive, common and shared understanding of complex operating environments  to provide decision-makers with the right decision tools
  • Receive and share information quickly
  • Ensure the security and sovereignty of airspace
  • Interoperable systems and forces
  • Simple, intuitive reduced training



The Complete Picture

Our tailor-made solutions for ISR (Intelligence, Security and Reconnaissance) applications support strategic and tactical mission requirements.

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Land & Joint

The Tactical Advantage

Our Land & Joint Systems propose command and control applications, from headquarters up to dismounted soldiers, supporting the preparation of ever increasingly complex missions.

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Air Dominance

Airspace Security

Our Air Defence solutions assist air force operators and commanding centres in the challenging task of air space management, Air Traffic Control, Air Surveillance, and ground based air defence.

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Satellite Data

Be the First to Know

We provide very fresh, high-resolution and wide-swath images - delivering detailed, actionable intelligence of situations at the right time – no matter where you are.

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