Airbus GEO Challenge

And the Winner is…!

In spring Airbus Defence and Space invited international start-ups to join the Airbus GEO Challenge and present their innovative answer to the question: How to create new added value services, primarily based on Airbus satellite data?

More than 130 projects from five continents were ready to take on the challenge, focusing on themes identified as important topics for the global population, ranging from forestry and agriculture to smart cities and maritime.

And the winner is…: Orbital Witness. The British start-up proposes to use satellite imagery to provide a new perspective for legal due diligence in real estate. In real estate practice, carrying out searches about a property costs valuable time for law firms. Orbital Witness provides historic satellite imagery alongside property, land, and ownership data to assist lawyers in the real estate due diligence process. For more complicated matters, Orbital Witness will use automated techniques to analyse satellite images and innovate in real estate practice. The key point that clinched it for the jury was the real complementarity business in a relatively untapped market with potential big scalability.

There is a page dedicated to the Final Event on the challenge platform: Click here.

To learn more about the challenge click here.

The final of the Airbus GEO Challenge took place on Friday, October 20th at the PlayLab in Toulouse. The 6 finalist teams pitched their project in front of a jury made of top management and experts across Airbus.

Airbus GEO Challenge

Bruno Gutierres (Head of Airbus BizLabs), Jeremiah Bousquet (Airbus DTO), Laurent Thomasson (Head of Airbus Defence and Space Innovation), François Lombard (Head of Airbus Intelligence), Thierry le Goff (Head of Airbus CIS Strategy), François Auque (Head of Airbus Venture), Edmond Boulle (Co-founder Orbital Witness), Jean-Michel Darroy (Head of Airbus Intelligence Services Growth)

Airbus GEO Challenge