There have been several developments on the ESN front since we last talked to you about it and whilst we are certain you are keeping abreast of the progress with this project, we would like to take this opportunity to update you from our perspective. 

We are pleased to confirm that ESN-compatible Airbus software will be available to current Airbus customers as a maintenance upgrade, with no additional charge for the software.  Airbus is committed to the ongoing development of our SAFEcommand portfolio and therefore, users with existing maintenance agreements can expect the delivery of regular software fixes and enhancements.  We will publish documentation for you to carry out the upgrade process yourself or we can perform the install if required.  Based on what we understand at the moment, we are unable to give an exact cost for the transfer of bearer from Airwave to ESN, as such we are advising customers that purchasing a consultancy pool (10-20 days) may be the best approach.

On the software development side of things there are two separate streams of suppliers’ workshops that we have been attending; one for control room suppliers, and one for devices/apps suppliers.  Both streams cover general ESN issues, and in addition the former is focused on issues associated with C2 environment (C2 systems, ICCS, Comms Gateways) whilst the latter is concerned with issues associated with the mobile environment (mobile device connectivity, apps on mobile devices, etc.)

From a ScGateway perspective, we have had a reasonable understanding for the last 6 months of how ScGateway will interface to ESN, and the protocols it will use for the majority of tasks.  Most notably, there is still some ongoing debate about how status messages will be handled (analogous to sending TETRA status reports via button-push from a radio) and also about security (authentication/authorisation) for access to ESN services.

On the Mobile side, things have only recently become a little clearer. We have now got more information from ESMCP and have been able to begin designing the mobile part of our solution and planning the work in conjunction with our ScGateway solution. We understand that the authority is intending to provide some generic interface software to assist existing applications, such as ScResponse, to interface to ESN via ESN-capable devices attached to MDTs. The generic interface solution provided by the authority is still under design/development and we will continue to monitor this closely to determine whether it can be utilised or whether we need an in-house solution more specifically targeted at the needs of our SAFEcommand products. Whichever route we choose to take, the relevant software will be provided and configured under your ongoing SLA.

Our ESN takeaway message is that ESN compatibility and the utilisation of the additional capabilities ESN brings is our main priority on the SAFEcommand roadmap and we will ensure that SAFEcommand is ready for ESN.

If you have any specific questions or concerns please log a call with our service desk and we will be more than happy to help.