MGP Geographic Transportable Modules

Up-to-Date Maps for Military Operations

Sometimes roads lead to the wrong places, bridges no longer stand, or rivers are wider than anticipated. Troops moving on the ground never exactly know what they’ll encounter when travelling across new terrain. Every move is critical and knowing what is ahead of you is crucial. Misinformation leads to delays and other problems that can affect the outcome of a mission. 


MGP- A Modular System

Created in partnership with Thales exclusively for the French Army, Modules Géographiques Projetables (MGP), is a deployable, modular system that produces up-to-date maps for external operations on foreign soil. The maps help personnel move safely and make more informed decisions by reducing the risk of encountering blockades, hidden adversaries, or getting stuck on unsuitable terrain. MGP is certified for harsh climatic conditions and for transport by land (road, train), sea and air.
Whenever technical information is needed about the camber of a road, the width of a river, or whether a bridge is strong enough, the system produces high quality geographic and thematic maps in the quickest possible time. Hundreds of different types of information can be collected and added in different information layers on thematic maps. The mapping data is complemented with information acquired on the ground to support the decisionmaking process. So-called acquisition vehicles are in charge of collecting surveys of the ground, such as the altitude of a set point, the depth of a river and the speed of its current.

Hydrographic map, scale 1:250,000


The system began as a prototype in 2010 and, following operational testing, was later approved by the French Army for use in the field. It has since supported missions in three foreign countries, and today is active in a peacekeeping intervention. Though once developed for the French Army, of course, it can be adapted to your needs!


MGP Geographic Transportable Modules