The WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline Product: A Welcome Addition to the WorldDEM Portfolio

For decades, there has been no new commercially available shoreline product that covers the Earth from pole-to-pole and 360° degrees around. Airbus Defence and Space has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS)  at the University of Miami in the USA, to fill this gap and generate a new global vector product accurately delineating the world’s ocean shorelines: the WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline product.

Opening a New Range of Applications

WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline, thanks to its high-resolution at a global scale, can support a wide range of applications. It offers the accuracy required for tsunami or hurricane storm surge inundation modeling, and sea-level rise studies as well as coastal and littoral spatial planning, hazard mitigation and community preparedness. Indeed, anyone who uses GIS applications will welcome a more accurate land/ocean boundary for clipping datasets to the ocean’s edge.

WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline product offers a consistent and uniform horizontal resolution of 12m, using vectors without any typological errors, gaps or kinks. The standard WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline delivery is in Esri shape file format.

A derivative of producing the global WorldDEM dataset – the first elevation model to provide a truly pole-to-pole coverage with unique level of detail and quality – is the delineation of the shorelines' extents at a consistent scale, worldwide. Airbus Defence and Space is harnessing this information to produce the WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline product which brings a new dimension of accuracy and currency to the marketplace, and is intended to replace existing global or sub-global shoreline and lower resolution datasets.

Global Ocean Shoreline - Los Angeles Marina, USA

USA - Los Angeles Marina

Global Ocean Shoreline - Los Angeles Cliffs, USA

USA - Los Angeles Cliffs

Global Ocean Shoreline - Cape Columbine, South Africa

South Africa - Cape Columbine

Blue is the WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline, Yellow is the Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical, High-resolution Shoreline Database (GSHHS – courtesy NOAA and the University of Hawaii), Pink is the SRTM Water Body Mask (SWBM – Courtesy NASA-JPL and NGA. Imagery courtesy NOAA and Esri)


The WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline product will be globally available at the end of 2017, with progressive availability of full continents throughout 2017. While the focus of this particular new WorldDEM product is ocean shorelines, the production process is equally adaptable to lakes and rivers worldwide, as these can be produced in vector format, on request.

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