MASTER Space Applications and Services

A SPECIALISED MASTER® in space-related fields opens in 2017 at ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse
ISAE - MASTER Space Applications and Services

The SPECIALISED MASTER® Space Applications and Services (SPAPS) will commence in September 2017 at ISAE-SUPAERO, in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space. The course will cover all space-related fields: Telecommunications, Navigation and Earth Observation. Students will be able to deepen their knowledge of these different fields and understand space systems in their entirety.
They will thus be positioned to develop innovative products and services derived from space technologies for a broad range of applications, from agriculture to urban planning, including the environment and transportation.

The SPECIALISED MASTER® SPACE APPLICATIONS & SERVICES is open to young French and international graduate students and professionals working in space applications. It will be taught in English. At the end of the course, new graduates will have a high level of expertise and skills geared to the French and international space industry, satellite operators, and contracting institutions. These professionals will be qualified for positions of Project Leader, Business Engineer, Business Development Manager, Consulting Manager, Research Engineer, Expert in Space Applications.

Airbus Defence and Space plays an active role, supporting this innovative course and offering to complete the training provided by ISAE-SUPAERO by fostering student immersion in the industrial environment: participation of trainers from Airbus, organisation of educational projects, offers of traineeships and site visits.

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MASTER Space Applications and Services