National Mapping

Adding a new dimension to country-wide cartography

Less than half of all land surfaces are covered by topographic maps (at scales up to 1:100 000), and of these, many are outdated or inaccurate. Earth observation satellite imagery has become crucial to the production and accurate updating of medium- to large-scale topographic maps. Mapping is of vital intelligence for governmental organisations - for planning, environmental monitoring, asset management and emergency planning.

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Coverage of Mali by SPOT 6

National cartographic institutes, national mapping organizations, land survey and cadastral agencies need to:

  • provide and maintain an up-to-date spatial representation of their territory
  • need to generate and deliver geo-information products to meet all central and local governments needs in terms of national and regional planning, infrastructure management, land administration and cadastre, urban development, emergency response, safety and security issues…
  • stand and serve as the reference organization centre and expert advice in geo-information
  • support their administration in policy making and developing e-governance services for civil society actors (citizens, industry, government, academic…)
  • undertake sustainable development projects

These organizations turn to Airbus Defence and Space for its wide offer of geo-information layers and reference cartographic data, and its expertise in mapping techniques, systems and services. The benefit for them is to have a privileged partner of trust, being able to bring and integrate the best of the technology at every stage of their development and projects.

With over 25 years of experience in cartography, land management and mapping projects, Airbus Defence and Space offers a wide spectrum of Spatial data foundation layers and base maps, mapping services, data processing and spatial data infrastructure solutions (SDIs), consultancy and capacity building in data production centers to support implementation and compliance with EU directives such as INSPIRE or OGC standards.

Airbus Defence and Space mapping team consists of experienced photo-interpreters, cartographers and topographic surveying experts, having a proven track record in data processing and interpretation and working with a large network of national and international partners with experience in implementing major projects.

Airbus Defence and Space has the ability to organise and lead major national mapping programs, ranging from data procurement to complete maps production, through enhancement of the spatial data infrastructure and data dissemination means of the client.

Reference mapping services

Airbus Defence and Space provides reliable, accurate geodata and extracts the highest value from aerial or satellite imagery to produce cartographic raster or vector data bases. Our reference mapping products procure unsurpassed solutions with excellent geometry and rapid delivery:

  • traditional orthophotos
  • digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • dense Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from correlation
  • TrueOrtho™.
  • Basic topographic databases
  • Thematic mapping
  • Urban and rural vector base mapping

Consultancy and project management support services

Airbus Defence and Space provides consultancy on mapping production center design, deployment, technical assistance, training and capacity building. We have a proven experience in mapping project management support services especially on large projects funded by International Financing Institutions such as the World Bank.
Project management services include project design and assistance for pre-study (product features, flight configuration or satellite sensor selection and programmation) and all phases of any cartographic project (new mapping project or refreshing and maintaining existing geographic databases).

The Vector Factory

The Vector Factory is a full-featured photogrammetric capture package, able to efficiently compile 2D and 3D vector directly within a GIS environment, for a wide range of scale and input imagery.
The Vector Factory is the perfect complement to the Pixel Factory, as it is ergonomically designed for large volume stereo capture and CAD/GIS edition.