TerraSAR-X Delivers when Users Need Quick and Accurate Data

For the past 9 years, TerraSAR-X has delivered timely and accurate data. In 2016, TerraSAR-X has a success rate of over 80%. Recently, we delivered accurate radar data in less than 5 hours of acquisition. This service is provided by state-of-the art operational service based on a proven synergy of automated algorithms and human-eye quality control.

TerraSAR-X illustration - Gears

We task and provide data much better!

With TerraSAR-X we manage to deliver even faster than requested. This was proven, for example, in a recent successfully run project with a customer in the maritime monitoring market. Here a requested NRT delivery of about 5 hours after acquisition was achieved in 96% of all orders (most of the time we had delivered even faster, on average about 2 hours before the customer’s deadline). This rapid delivery did not just include the TerraSAR-X data itself but also each final vessel detection report.

These kind of references support our strengths: We are fast, our accuracy is unrivalled and our reliability as proven by our acquisition success rate is unique in the commercial SAR market.

In the end it’s up to you, the customer, to decide about your priorities – and we are committed to deliver you the best service possible.

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Reliability is a True Triumph