Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe

You select your timeframes, dates and preferred sensor – we ensure you receive the right qualified coverage, perfectly matching your project milestones.

Timeframe Customer selected
Cloud Cover
  • ≤10% or ≤ 5% with uplift
  • Possibility to select three small cloud-free AOIs (Pléiades 1x1 km, SPOT 3x3 km)
  • 100% for OneSeries Critical – images are invoiced when reaching at least 40% cloud free
Min AOI Pléiades: 100 km²
SPOT: 500 km²
Max AOI Submitted to feasibility study
Acquisition Mode Mono – Stereo – Tristereo
Incidence Angle[1] - OnePlan and OneSeries Routine:
0–30° or Customer selected
– OneSeries Critical: 0–52° or <30° on customer selection)
B/H Customer selected.
Or per default – Stereo: 0.4–0.7 – Tristereo: 0.2–0.35 between each pair
Service Level Regular
Acquisition Failure Terms 10% voucher on the full order value