ScGuide Update/TomTom Trial Offer

Summer 2016 was spent developing ScGuide, which is an Android application that can operate on a TomTom Bridge. Using a TomTom Bridge negates the requirement to route messages via WebFleet and takes advantage of TomTom’s inbuilt mapping module.

ScGuide may be used within an appliance alongside ScResponse on an MDT, or may be used solely in a car by an Officer.  Therefore, as the Command & Control system sends a mobilisation message, ScGateway will route the message to ScResponse on an MDT and to ScGuide on the TomTom Bridge, even when there is a shared call sign between the TomTom Bridge and MDT.  Behind the scenes, ScGateway delivery strategies and retries are used to ensure that messages are exchanged between ScGuide and the C&C, as well as ensuring that ScGuide and ScResponse sharing the same call sign are synchronised; however, the user will be notified if a synchronisation issue occurs.

ScGuide will display the Incident Details associated with the mobilisation request and allow the operator to acknowledge receipt of the mobilisation message. The incident location will be displayed within the TomTom mapping and the TomTom navigation will commence, removing potential errors in verbal transfer of information, manual data input and saving time. On status change, ScGuide will remove the incident location display.

ScGuide supports status messaging between the operator and the C&C system, which when deployed in an Officer Vehicle or Small Vehicle, improves the speed of response and increases the number of concurrent actions possible by the operator by removing voice contact and ensures all messages are added to the Incident message log in the C&C.

Messages sent to ScGuide from the C&C and messages sent back are transmitted using a private APN.

Key features in ScGuide version 1:

  • ScGateway login
  • Mobilisation messaging
  • Status messaging
  • Auto-initiation of TomTom navigation
  • Incident location display
  • Incident details display
  • Remove incident location
  • Batch mobilisation
  • Colour scheme for day/night time use

Thank you to everyone who took time to look at the application at the SAFEcommand User Forum. We’ve got lots of ideas for version 2! In the meantime, to assist you in evaluating the application, we’ve teamed up with TomTom who are offering a 50% discount when you purchase up to 2 TomTom Bridge units. If you’re interested in trialling ScGuide, please do not hesitate to contact

ScGuide Update/TomTom Trial Offer

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ScGuide Update/TomTom Trial Offer