SAFEcommand User Forum – 2017 Roadmap Plans

One of the key items we announced at the User Forum this year was our 2017 release plans.  In addition to supporting the new software with minor releases, where required, we will be focussing on 3 core areas:

1. Incident Command

Our new Incident Command product is now in development and is a set of modules bringing advanced functionality to ScResponse. You can read more about ScResponse: Incident Command later in this newsletter. It’s currently due for a Q2 release.

2. ESN Compatibility

This is our highest priority for 2017. We know this is a significant area of concern for many of our Emergency Services customer, so we will continue with the work we have already done this year to ensure our products are ESN ready in time for your switchover.  We are confident that our existing ScGateway and ScResponse products will work with the new bearer, and from our perspective, this is just adding a new bearer to our products, which already offer multi-bearer support worldwide. This is pencilled in for Q2/Q3 next year but is dependent on interfaces and information being released from the ESN Project team in time for us to do this. With their timescales slipping recently into 2018 we have plenty of scope to ensure we get this ready for you in a timely manner.

3. ScCapture Enhancements

This will be a fairly small set of enhancements identified as key requirements for our Water Officer users. The exact features included in this release will be defined soon with a Q3 release currently planned.

As already mentioned, we are committed to supporting the rollout and migration to our new generation of software, so there may be additional releases of certain products to aid that. It’s possible other additional modules may be developed for ScResponse & ScCourier, if there is a specific need.

SAFEcommand User Forum – 2017 Roadmap Plans