Pollution on New Delhi

The DMC Constellation Observes the Indian Capital in the Mist

The Indian Government is putting in place emergency measures to combat the unprecedented peak of pollution that has occurred since the beginning of November 2016 in the New Delhi region. The DMC constellation has been activated to map the extent of the pollution cloud over the region.

Two DMC acquisitions, before and after, show the coverage of pollution on Northeast New Delhi. The first image of November 30, 2014 shows a dense urban fabric on the capital and the network of towns and villages in the vicinity. On the second image of November 15, 2016, the fog over the area is thick and glued to the ground (absence of cloud shadow). In the northeast, pollution stops on a straight line above the town of Meerut.

New Delhi - 2014/11/30

New Delhi - 2016/11/15
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Pollution on New Delhi

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