WorldDEM™ – Now Available Worldwide

WorldDEM Available Worldwide

Off-the-Shelf Availability for any Spot on Earth!

WorldDEM™ - the new 3D map of the entire globe has been completed. Mountain peaks and valley floors anywhere on Earth can now be seen with an unprecedented accuracy.

Contact us now to order your WorldDEM Digital Elevation Data for any point on Earth including regions beyond 60° North and South. No missing areas, even in the heavily clouded Equatorial belt. Access to the data is easy and the data quality is outstanding.

Whether you are looking for input data for the planning of a civil engineering project, or you need insights into remote areas for an exploration venture or you are conducting environmental studies - WorldDEM now delivers high quality data quickly and easily.



The fact that WorldDEM is based on the same input data and consistently edited across the World will help you when you need to rely on coherent data regardless of the location of your Area of Interest. Thus WorldDEM is ideal if you are working in the defence and intelligence domain and require data for visualisation tools for surveillance, reconnaissance and mission planning, or for the interpretation of landscapes for military operation preparation.
For the aviation sector WorldDEM provides more accurate terrain information improving collision avoidance systems, ground proximity warning and flight management systems.

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Simulation of a jet flight in low level altitude – WorldDEM (globally available) & Pléiades (up-to-date imagery)

Convince yourself of the unique quality and unprecedented level of detail of our WorldDEM data by downloading your sample data set:

WorldDEM™ – Now Available Worldwide