SAFEcommand™ Software Update

Our fully integrated latest generation of software has been available for several months now and several Fire Services have made excellent headway with the migration from our legacy software. We hope that over the next 18 months most of you will be benefiting from ScResponse, ScCourier and ScCapture.

Here is a reminder of some of the benefits you get from moving to the new software:

  • ScCourier enables remote automatic upgrades to both ScCourier and ScResponse on client machines – no more visiting every MDT to update our software.
  • ScCourier provides more control over your MDTS including delivering data and new config to a test MDT before the rest of the Fleet.
  • ScCapture and ScCourier allow for a more seamless integration to the MDT environment with faster transfer of Risk and Hydrant information.
  • ScResponse offers faster access to key features, with more functions available, without having to leave the incident view on your map screen and a search function that can search multiple datashares from one place.
  • You will continue to benefit from all of the core functionality you had in the previous generation of products but with modern user interfaces built on software designed for modern hardware and network infrastructures.

Someone from your Fire Service should have been contacted by the SAFEcommand Client Services Team to discuss your upgrade plan - if this has not happened, or it has but you still require more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  You can log your query with our Service Desk using the contact details below, alternatively you can access information about the new software on the ScPortal. The portal includes guidance on how to install and migrate all of the software, user guides, FAQ’s and release notes.

Service Desk contact details

Email us at -
Call us on - +44 (0)845 117 3010

SAFEcommand™ Software Update